Redbourn Village Hall

since 1921

Hiring Redbourn Village Hall

Redbourn Village Hall hiring fees effective from 01.04.2017

Hourly rate per room (excluding Sat from 6pm to midnight)

Main Hall or Centenary Room or Guide Room: *£11 Redbourn residents/charities OR everyone else £13.75

*(minimum charge £13.75 per session) 

Saturday Evening from 6pm to midnight

Main Hall OR Centenary Room ONLY (plus use of Kitchen): £140  

All downstairs rooms - including Main Hall, Centenary Room and Kitchen: £165 

Party package of 4 hours (excluding Sat from 6pm to midnight) 

Main Hall & Kitchen: £55


Centenary Room & Kitchen: £55

Booking Procedure

One off event or party hires 

1) Please contact the RVH Clerk to enquire if your preferred date and time are available

RVH Mobile: 07712 658587

Office phone: 01582 792822


or use the contact form on this website

Facebook: redbourn village hall

2) Once you know your date and time are available please complete and return (online or paper copy) the Booking Form

Click here to download the Booking Form. 

Please read the Terms & Conditions before signing the Booking Form. Click here to download the Terms & Conditions.

3) Your booking will be confirmed and the date/time reserved once the completed booking form and payment have been received.  Payment methods are detailed on the Booking Form.

Regular bookings 

Please contact the RVH Office (see above) for availability of a regular booking. Regular bookings are invoiced monthly.